ACORN's Rathke brothers exposed

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Brother of ACORN’s Chief Embezzles $1 Million of Organization’s $$

Barack Obama’s home political supporters, the leftist “community” organization called ACORN, is guilty of hiding the theft of one million dollars of its funds by the brother of the organization’s founder, Wade Rathke. But, it is even worse than just a case of common embezzlement. It turns out that the ACORN board and brother Wade, leader of the political activist group, tried to cover up the theft so that his bro wouldn’t get caught up with the Feds and punished for his theft.

This from the July 9th edition of The New York Times:
Acorn chose to treat the embezzlement of nearly $1 million eight years ago as an internal matter and did not even notify its board. After Points of Light noticed financial irregularities in early June, it took less than a month for management to alert federal prosecutors, although group officials say they have no clear idea yet what the financial impact may be.

The brother, Dale Rathke, embezzled nearly $1 million from Acorn and affiliated charitable organizations in 1999 and 2000, Acorn officials said, but a small group of executives decided to keep the information from almost all of the group’s board members and not to alert law enforcement.
These are the kind of ner-do-wells we are dealing with where it concerns ACORN. Cronyism, theft, embezzlement, cover ups…. and these are the people behind the many union efforts across the nation, as well as the Barack Obama campaign. It is also the group that Obama grew into political maturity with.

If these facts don’t show you what sort of nefarious characters we are dealing with… well, you aren’t interested in truth.



Anonymous said...

Ok so the bro was a thief....how many special PAC's do you belong to that you specifically know the inner workings of? Probably none... and so what if the bro tried to protect his bro. Its family and you never have said if he paid the money back or if he is still there or what GOOD the organization does. That part is NEVER brought up where ACORN is concerned. What the Hell has the right of center people done for me lately? NOTHING. There are soooo many unanswered questions in this rant of yours...Obviously you just don't like Obama and want to hang anything and everything you can on him and his campaign. Admit it...you are just livid that we all worked together in a ground swell of average middle of the road people and elected the best man for the job. Get a life and start doing something positive for the country will ya.?! joan

Anonymous said...
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