Unions try to wall-off labor-state turf

Attack on political free speech a sign of the times

Union protesters say having Senator John McCain visit the GM Lordstown complex is a "slap in the face." Many of the protesters carried signs criticizing Senator McCain, the Republican Presidential candidate,while others showed their support for their candidate Senator Barack Obama. "I don't believe McCain is for the working people," said Don Hartman.

Chrissy Heinenan, of the SEIU agreed. "This is our turf . He is more interested in helping the top five percent and unions are all for saving the middle class," Heinenan said.

As soon as the pickets spotted McCain's motorcade they moved near the front of the building, hoping the Senator would get a glimpse of their protest.

The protesters say their main concerns are jobs and the economy. "He is not going to provide jobs, the guys record for voting on trade agreements close to 100 percent, he votes on every trade agreement he has a chance to vote on," said Gary Steinbeck, of the United Steelworkers.

And Michelle Forte of Cleveland concurred saying, she is also worried about the future. "My kids are just starting in their adult life and they are working for ten to twelve dollars an hour and worried they won't be able to pay their bills unless they have roommates," Forte said.


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