Union is not good for the employees

Value received for union dues called into question

Dear Editor: Let me get this straight: The union is complaining about a maximum cost of $36.65 per month for dental coverage? While I am blessed to not belong to the union, I know that many employees pay over $80/month for union dues. Are they really getting their money's worth? When the bond measure failed, the union was more than happy to take the credit for that.

Unfortunately, the previous administration apparently believed them and thought VHS would have a better chance of getting the public's support if the union was given everything they asked for. However, when VHS tried to sell the hospitals and the union supported them, the public still voted “no.” The union's “contract” (which has never been signed!) drove HS into bankruptcy. Now, please, remind me, why is the union good for the employees?

Barbara Peterson, Hemet, CA


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