Obscure union front groups feed attack machine

Labor unions treat President Bush like a piñata

Spending the summer on a bus with a 35-foot scowling George Bush on the sides sounds, well, different. Julie Blust is accustomed to the double takes as the Bush Legacy Bus rolls from city to city. The 45-foot, 28-ton bus, powered by politically correct biodiesel fuel, started Wednesday on a nationwide tour that included Canton on Saturday. Some 150 cities will be visited in the five months before the presidential election.

Inside is Mr. Bush's nightmare -- every one of his actual and alleged policy mistakes. At the rear is a gasoline pump that computes fuel costs when Bush took office and today's prices.

Every inch of the bus is anti-Bush from the exterior to the walls and floor of the interior.

The effort is funded by Americans United for Change, an anti-conservative group funded by labor unions and other political groups.

"We're not part of the Obama campaign," Blust said, "but we don't think he would object."

They are targeting congressional districts of members who have voted 90 percent or more for Bush legislation.

Blust said the most common question asked is, "How did you fit all of his disasters on one bus?"

"We may need a trailer," she said.

The group has no use for Sens. John McCain and George Voinovich.

"They have weakened America's security abroad while neglecting and undermining important priorities here at home," according to a handout.

Still, Blust says her group "is not endorsing any candidate."

On the video screens are tapes of Katrina victims, health-care patients and workers. Perhaps the most sobering display is the dog tags and boots of a U.S. Army soldier killed in Iraq by an Iraqi soldier he was training.

As the bus rolled up Market Avenue S, a scooter rider almost fell off staring at it instead of the road.

"That happens a lot," said Blust.


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