Employer's Guide to Union Organizing Campaigns

Learn to cope with change you can believe in

While the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) - the much-debated federal legislation - was defeated in Senate, it continues to be a controversial measure and could very well be reintroduced.

In this environment every employer may find themselves subject to union organizing efforts. Aspen Publishers' Employer's Guide to Union Organizing Campaigns helps you guide your company through every stage of union organizing campaigns, so that you can react quickly, effectively, and legally even before organizing begins.

Whether you're looking to be proactive - or react effectively - you need the insights and the tools to create effective and legally compliant policies and responses to union activity. Employer's Guide to Union Organizing Campaig ns provides:

* Complete coverage of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)
* How-to practical guidance on anticipating - and reacting to - union activity while staying in compliance
* Sample letters, checklists, and documents ready for your immediate use
* Up-to-date coverage of current case law

Employer's Guide to Union Organizing Campaigns delivers expert, step-by-step guidance to help you:

* Understand how today's organizing environment can affect your company
* Recognize new union tactics such as the corporate campaign and the request for card-check recognition
* Effectively respond to union organizing without violating the law, alienating the workforce or creating ill-will in the community

Employer's Guide to Union Organizing Campaigns provides employers with proven insights into becoming proactive employers who create work environments where employees are treated fairly - establishing the sort of win-win conditions in which union organizing techniques have less effect. And if union organizing does begin, this professional resource explains precisely what employers can and should do - how to recognize a threat and how to communicate powerfully, using the Internet and other technology platforms that can help employers present their position.

Employer's Guide to Union Organizing Campaigns by Jackson Lewis
List Price: $259.00
ISBN: 0735564841
ISBN-13: 9780735564848
Page Count: 526 pages
Format: Looseleaf
Publication Cycle: Supplemented annually
Latest Supplemented Date: 5/15/2008


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