Voters doubt Barack's patriotism

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Barack Obama, Questioning the Patriotism of Others

Tom Maguire notices Barack Obama declaring, "I have never challenged other people's patriotism" on Meet the Press and asks about the flag pin. I have another objection:

Sherrod Brown, talking to The Nation:
I've talked to Barack a lot about his Patriot Corporation Act, which is not trade per se, but it's certainly part of the economic package around globalization. The Patriot Corporation Act has not gotten the attention that I would hope it would. But, basically it says that if you play by the rules, if you pay decent wages, health benefits, pension; do your production here; don't resist unionization on neutral card check, then you will be designated a "Patriot Corporation" and you will get tax advantages and some [preference] on government contracts.
Not only has Obama declared some patriotic and some not, he wants to make it the federal government's job to decide and declare which companies are patriotic and which aren't.

UPDATE: A poll released last week by the Pew Research Center showed that 61 percent of voters viewed Obama as patriotic, compared with 76 percent for Clinton and 90 percent for McCain.

Is this fair? Well, most Americans don't know somebody who tried to blow up a women's room in the Pentagon, like William Ayers, or the nine-year-old son of a judge, like the Weathermen. Most Americans don't think of their country as "just downright mean," as Michelle described it. Most Americans cannot imagine having a mentor argue that this country and al-Qaeda are committing the same acts under different color flags.

Barack Obama presumably loves his country, but he's surrounded by people who have tried to commit acts of violence against it, or who trash it in front of audiences, or who accuse it of heinous acts. At the end of the day, a lot of Americans probably just won't relate to someone who does.


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