Teamsters accused of desert duplicity

Teamsters leaders in Las Vegas, Nev., have been turning jobs over to non-union workers at the expense of its own members, several members said Tuesday. Members of Teamster Local 631 have been complaining that non-union members, who pay $60 to have their names put on a list, are being given jobs, while they sit at home, the Las Vegas Sun reported. Union members believe that the union's leaders have been working in collusion with convention centers to help them higher cheaper, non-union labor, the report said.

"There's a lot of heads being turned the other direction. The way they manipulate and work with the company, it's not a union," union member Tony Milone told the Sun.

The allegations include a quid pro quo arrangement in which family members of union leaders are provided jobs at the Las Vegas convention centers.

The wife of Local 631 President Tommy Blitsch works at a large convention services business, the Sun reported.

Neither Blitsch nor the company, Freeman Cos., returned calls for comment, the Sun reported.


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