Rep. Tim Walz, Minnesota DINO

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Democrat wants to end secret-ballot union elections

CWA Minnesota State Council President Tim Lovaasen and CWA Local 7203 President Jerry Finn had a 30-minute meeting with Congressman Tim Walz. They discussed the need for healthcare reform so CWA members could continue to receive healthcare benefits at their current levels without the fear of paying higher premium or co-pays.

Also discussed was rebuilding of the middle class in the United States and that the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act into law is necessary to accomplish that goal. Unions helped build the middle class, but they have been under attack by the right wing element in this country which has made it almost impossible to organize and get the first contract. Representative Walz understands this and has been a strong support of the EFCA.

Speed Matters was also discussed and Representative Walz told us to keep him informed of what the needs of CWA members are concerning this issue.

The meeting ended with Representative Tim Walz getting a check from Tim and Jerry from our CWA-COPE fund for $1,500. This brought our total CWA contributions for the year to Representative Walz to $5,000 which is the maximum we can give. Representative Walz is a true friend of CWA and our members.


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