Local 1: There is no other

The Contra Costa Times frequently prints articles regarding the Contra Costa County budget crises, reporting results of the supervisors' Tuesday meetings. Most of these reports mention comments/actions by Rollie Katz of Public Employees Union Local 1. Occasionally, Katz writes a commentary for the Times on the positions of Local 1. There are other unions in Contra Costa, such as the large clerical union Local 2700, from which the public never hears anything from it. Only Katz is quoted with an opinion, so one can surmise he is the only representative speaking in favor of the unions. He seems to be standing alone.

I wonder why there are never opinions/comments from Octavia Brazille, president of Local 2700, or Jo Bates, business manager for 2700, at the supervisors' meetings or in the Times.

Local 2700 collects dues of 1 percent from the base salary of each union member monthly. Some of this money is invested in food for union meetings.

Where are the rest of the dues being applied? Why aren't the president and business manager speaking out for their membership?

I wager if the membership of 2700, en masse, refused to pay union dues unless there is major representation, there would be immediate action.

- Judi Rigney, Concord, CA


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