'I am a victim of a teachers union.'

Forced-labor unionism panned

Dear Editor: Your reports on political pushes for unionization remind me how little the public knows about the civil rights consequences of forced unionization. I am the victim of a teachers union. Unlike my union's supporters, I and others must relinquish one set of civil rights to defend another. If we don't support the union's political activities, we pay fees instead of dues. Our fees cover all the union's representational expenses, yet we are denied the right to vote on labor contracts and union leaders.

We only get to vote if we are willing to subsidize someone else's political views. When I asked my union local to give us the vote, they wanted to know my political preferences and they assured me that I ought not to feel deprived because they were "listening" to me. I'm ashamed that a Congressional majority would deprive workers of such fundamental freedoms.

Sue Holt, Santa Cruz, Calif.


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