Worker-choice alternative gains in labor-state

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors came out Tuesday in favor of Colorado's proposed right-to-work amendment. The group's board voted unanimously to endorse the amendment, which is set to appear on the November ballot.

The proposed amendment would allow Colorado workers the freedom to choose whether or not to join a union. Right-to-work laws prohibit unions from requiring workers to pay dues, even in workplaces where employees enjoy the benefits of collective bargaining. Opponents say right-to-work laws are aimed at crippling organized labor by limiting its funding sources and hampering growth.

"The Right to Work Amendment is at the very core of the ABC merit shop philosophy -- freedom of choice," said Mark Latimer, president and CEO of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors. "Just as companies should have the right to work on a job, regardless of labor affiliation, that same right should be given to employees."

The Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry favors the proposal. The South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce have come out against the proposal.


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