Shame on California Carpenters union reps

You've probably seen those people holding "Shame On" signs around town. As we first discovered, the Carpenter's Union is behind the signs that are meant to protest unfair wages. Now one contractor claims the union is using pressure tactics. It's an investigation we've been following for nearly two years. Local business owners claiming they're being harassed by picketers, but one of the latest incidents didn't involve picketers, but possible union reps.

You may remember back in February, Carlyle Construction was going to renovate a space for Santa Barbara Business College. The crew says, the union guys walked right into the project and the foreman and facility manager started to escort them out. But each time it got more physical, eventually ending with a foreman allegedly being assaulted. On Monday, the Associated Builders and Contractors of Central California filed a complaint with National Labor Relations Board against the local carpenters union local for what it calls attacks against contractors including harassment and physical violence. Laura Barnes, President of Associated Builders and Contractors tells us, "What our hope is that Bakersfield contractors can continue business the way we are used to doing business in our county which is based on merit and without violence and threats."

We did put a call into the Carpenters Union again, their representative has yet to return our phone call. We also put calls into Carlyle Builders and the foreman allegedly injured in the incident, but neither were available for comment.


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