NYT cites Financial Core Status membership

George Clooney, a staunch supporter of the Writers Guild of America during its recent strike, quietly withdrew from the union last fall after it rejected his request for a writing credit on his film “Leatherheads,” Reuters reported, citing Variety. Mr. Clooney switched to “financial core status,” which means that he is still covered by the basic guild contract but loses his voting rights and cannot run for office or attend union meetings.

Mr. Clooney, who directed, produced and stars in “Leatherheads,” a comedy about football in the 1920s, said he had sought a writing credit on the film alongside Duncan Brantley and Rick Reilly because he had overhauled their 17-year-old script. His request was denied by a 2-to-1 vote at an arbitration hearing. “When your own union doesn’t back what you’ve done, the only honorable thing to do is not participate,” Mr. Clooney said, according to Variety.


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