SEIU protests disclosure of public information

The Sacramento Bee's decision to publish the names and salaries of every state employee, their worksite, and provide access to the database has caused quite a stir in the Capitol city. Howls of protest from state workers -- who say the information can lead to identity theft and provides "peeping Tom" viewing for neighbors and other community members -- continues to build in a community where about 12 percent of the workforce is state employees.

The Bee's public editor pretty much told the state employees to stuff it after receiving an avalanche of criticism. So that may be why SEIU Local 1000 plans a protest at 4 pm today at Bee headquarters at 24th and Q Street.

Following the demonstration, they will deliver more than 3000 petitions to the Bee, demanding the names of all state employees be removed from this database.

I see some cancelled subscriptions in the future.


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