Publicly-funded labor-activism in Nebraska

William Brennan Institute for Labor Studies began in 1980 as the result of the combined efforts of the Nebraska labor movement and the University of Nebraska. Its statewide mission is to foster creative and critical thinking among labor leaders, potential leaders, and interested members by providing relevant information and training in the skills needed in today’s changing economy and workplace.

The Institute offers open enrollment courses for union members and contract courses for specific local unions, state associations, or central labor councils. Most courses last one to two days and are taught on weekends, but the Institute will contract to meet any scheduling needs. The cost of contract courses is normally less expensive than sending members to one of the open enrollment programs. The basic training cost is $200 per day plus a per participant charge for instructional material. There may be additional costs for meeting space, meals, or instructors who are not Institute staff.

Spring 2008 Schedule

Increasing Your Local Union's Political Effectiveness

Politics is one of four primary tools unions have for improving the lives of working families in the U.S. Decisions made by elected officials from President to school board member directly impact jobs, safety, health care, and much more. It is an election year and this workshop will help unions maximize their political clout.

Who should attend: Union leaders, policy makers and activists

Topics include: Explaining why politics is important; evaluating your union's past efforts; analyzing your membership; communication techniques that work; effective lobbying techniques.


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