Police union organizer indicted

A former Fraternal Order of Police president and Nashville (TN) police lieutenant has been accused of bribery and misusing money. Calvin Hullett was indicted by a federal grand jury on allegations of conspiracy, embezzlement and unlawful interstate commerce. The indictment stems from a well-publicized break-in last summer at the Fraternal Order of Police Camp located in Wilson County. The FOP and the Teamsters had been engaged in a public battle over who should represent Metro police officers at the time.

The indictment provided more details on why Hullett, who represented the Teamsters at the time, may have been trying to break into the camp.

According to a news release, between March and July 2007, Hullett befriended a Davidson County inmate who was at the camp as part of a work release program. The release claims it was through that relationship that Hullett, his girlfriend and at least one other person were able to get on the property and plant hidden video equipment that the Teamsters were hoping might provide evidence of drinking and other inappropriate activities going on at the camp.

According to the indictment, Hullett may not have acted alone. It seems as if one other member of the Teamsters went along with the idea and is accused of helping Hullett divert more than $8,000 out of the Teamsters account to pay for the equipment.


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