Closed-door council advances union agenda

Denver City Council members Paul Lopez, Chris Nevitt and Doug Linkhart believed they could hold a meeting with Standard Parking and the Service Employees International Union because “fewer than seven council members attended.” Such a statement shows their lack of comprehension of the laws that dictate their behavior. That they proceeded without the benefit of legal council is irresponsible and endangers the very process they hoped to mitigate.

If there were questions, as Nevitt claims, they should have been dealt with in an open meeting of the City Council, not behind closed doors where, even if nothing improper occurred, the very hint of any impropriety would have been avoided.

If Standard’s bid is lower and they can prove the expertise to do the job, the City Council has a responsibility to choose their bid in order to exercise effective responsibility over taxpayer’s money.

If there are concerns, get them out in a public forum. This appears to be a surreptitious effort to sway a legitimate bid and advance a union agenda. Shame on them, and bring on the consequences at the next election.

- Kevin E. Somerville, Denver


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