Writers Union may be sued over strike damage

The writer’s strike is over! Already most writers are returning to work, suddenly finding that perhaps walking the picket line is easier than facing the reality of a blank page. As the writers return to work, the networks are beginning to announce when people’s favorite series will be returning. CBS was first out of the gate, announcing dates for its series, as well as announcing that all series returning will get between four and nine episodes.

NBC, however, looks to be the party pooper of the new reality. Noted insider blog DeadlineHollywoodDaily.com is reporting that both NBC and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association are considering suing the Writers Guild of America for actions that led to the cancellation of the Golden Globes ceremony.

Suing the WGA just when relations between the studios and writers are beginning to mend is a very bad idea. This should be a time of reconciliation, not acrimony. The WGA didn’t force NBC to cancel the ceremony. They simply announced that they would picket the event – an activity that is not only legal but was expected.

Filing a lawsuit over the mess just makes NBC seem like an immature adolescent, angry that it didn’t get its way. Every company lost money during the strike. If NBC had really wanted to, they could have cut a side deal with the WGA.

While the strike may have made each side look bad, suing just makes NBC look bad. It really should think before doing anything.


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