Why are my teachers doing strange things?

ASK THE TEACHER: Carol Veravanich answers readers' questions.

Q: There are teachers at my school doing strange things. I thought it was something they didn't like about our school or our principal, but I checked with my friend at one school and my sister at her school and other schools have teachers doing these things too. They are wearing color coordinated clothes and leaving school in large groups, like all at once at dismissal time. There are other things too. What is this all about? Is there a strike?

A. When you said the teachers were doing strange things, I expected to hear different descriptions. The activity you are seeing is not a strike. Teachers are negotiating with the district on the terms of their contract for the current year. The contract expired in July, but the union negotiators and the district have not reached an agreement (at the time this column was submitted.) Teachers sometimes work together to make statements of solidarity and determination to get the attention of the district. They want things settled. This is what you are seeing.


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