Strike threat v. hospital pays off for SEIU

In the midst of tough times, the former Aliquippa (PA) Community Hospital got two pieces of much-needed good news last week.

First, the management of Commonwealth Medical Center, as the facility has been renamed, and Service Employees International Union Healthcare Pennsylvania, which represents a majority of the hospital’s employees, agreed to open talks in coming weeks. The agreement between the two sides came just one day before the union’s workers were set to go on strike.

Second, and of even more importance, the state Department of Health informed the hospital that it had been granted a full license for the next two years. The hospital had been operating with the lowest-allowable provisional license since the middle of last year. That license was to expire on Saturday. If the hospital was unable to upgrade to a full license by then, it would have had to close.

These were two close calls. Still, the good news that each brought is to be welcomed.

Let’s hope they are a portent of better things to come for the hospital and its workers.


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