News Guild reporters OK leftist power-grabs

I groaned when I saw the headlines Friday about Fabian Nunez blaming Proposition 93's loss on the failure to pair its changes in term limits with redistricting reform, with Fab hinting he might get aboard the governor's push for such reform.

The truth is Democrats are gearing up for a post-2010 census gerrymander that will brutalize state Republicans to a historic extreme. Behind the scenes, Dem operatives already are gleefully anticipating a redrawing of political districts that gives them three-quarters of congressional and state Senate seats and more than two-thirds of Assembly seats -- a redrawing that would both help Dems control the House of Representatives and give Sacramento Dems a veto-proof majority.

In other words, the real story isn't redistricting reform. It's plans for radical redistricting abuse. Wake up, Sacramento media! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

If you don't believe me, start asking around. It's not just experts like Tony Quinn. Last month, I asked one of California's most respected political insiders which was more likely: redistricting reform or a 2011 gerrymander that would make Tom Delay's and Texas Republicans' look like pattycake. He laughed and found it hard to believe it was a serious question.


Because redistricting reform has never caught the public's imagination. It's too dry and arcane.

But building a congressional delegation with a 40 to 14 Democratic edge in a state that should be 30-24, or building legislative majorities that can do whatever they want, unhindered by the threat of a gubernatorial veto? That's a momentous power grab that will pay dividends for a decade. All the good-government and editorial-board whining in the world won't dissuade state Dems from pursuing it.

Nevertheless, articles about reform outnumber articles about the coming power play by an enormous margin. Why?

I don't get it.


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