Mysterious motive for UAW strike

Volvo is refuting claims that the strike at the Dublin plant is over health and safety concerns Union members walked off the job last Friday saying that Volvo was trying to dismantle basic health and safety protections. Specifically eliminating safety and evacuation training and noise abatement programs.

Volvo spokesman Jim McNamara said today in a statement that the company was surprised the union used safety as a reason it's striking: "If it were up to the company we would still be negotiating and our people would still be at work. We are surprised the union has used plant health and safety issues as a reason for striking. The only health and safety proposals we had on the table were to reduce redundant language in the contract.

We're eager to work with the union to address all their health and safety concerns and we don't understand why people can't keep working while we do this. We think any safety concerns can be easily addressed together.

Beyond this our main focus is on achieving a contract that is fair for both parties and addresses improving workforce stability and reducing manpower movement, controlling the skyrocketing cost of health care and addresses a serious absentee problem that the UAW acknowledges."

-Jim McNamara, Volvo Trucks North America Spokesman


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