Writers strike scabs: Beyonce, Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters and Beyonce have announced that they will be attending the threatened Grammy Awards.

Many acts up for prizes are thought to be boycotting the awards because of the ongoing strike by Hollywood writers, which forced the cancellation of this year's Golden Globes awards after actors backed the writers and would not cross any picket lines by attending the event. Globes' organisers were forced to abandon the ceremony and simply announce the names of the winners at a press conference.

However, Foos' manager John Silva issued a statement saying the Foos were looking forward to attending this year's Grammy Awards as they do every year.

"We are hopeful we will see a resolution to the current situation as Foo Fighters have always had nothing short of amazing experiences with the writers, producers, fellow artists and audiences at the Grammys," the statement said.

Matthew Knowles, Beyonce's father and manager, made a similar statement assuring his daughter's attendance.

The 50th Grammy Awards take place on February 10.


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