Unions expert at mail-in ballot manipulation

For all those Puebloans who were confused by November’s mail-in ballots and those who oppose all-mail balloting on principle (count us in), watch the (Colorado) Legislature closely.

The General Assembly convenes today, and Senate Majority Leader Ken Gordon, a Denver Democrat, said at a recent hearing, “I’m looking for the simplest solution and the one that I think has the greatest likelihood of letting everybody vote and counting the votes accurately.”

While we don’t profess to be mind readers, we’re willing to bet the farm that Sen. Gordon’s “simplest solution” is all-mail balloting - for every election.

Right now, Colorado law precludes that in general elections. And Secretary of State Mike Coffman wants to keep it that way, holding elections at polling places while allowing mail ballots for those who actually are out of town on Election Day. Pueblo County Clerk Gilbert Ortiz has stated his support for that kind of election as well.

We suspect Sen. Gordon and some of his fellow Democrats - but not all of them by a long shot - want to make Colorado the second all-mail balloting state in the nation, after Oregon. But all-mail balloting is nothing but an invitation to election fraud.

People posing as “helpers” can sway some elderly voters in nursing homes. Bosses could unduly influence employees. Union officials could likewise influence members. Enough of that could determine the outcome of a close election, and that’s something everybody who believes in fair and honest elections should abhor.

So keep an eye out for news from the State Capitol. All-mail balloting is a land mine to avoid.


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