Striking writers gut industry self-congratulation

Could the Grammys be the next awards show targeted by striking Hollywood writers?

Having deflated the People’s Choice Awards and the Golden Globes, the Writers Guild of America may demonstrate at the music industry’s big night on Feb. 10 in L.A. If that happens, Hollywood strike supporters could put strong pressure on their musical allies not to cross the picket line.

Plans are already afoot to appeal to Grammy nominees who are also actors, or who have acting ambitions. Those include Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Queen Latifah, 50 Cent, Jon Bon Jovi, Bjork, Prince, Alicia Keys, Fantasia, Nelly Furtado, Tim McGraw, Kelly Clarkson, The White Stripes, Fergie and Usher.

“The writers are especially interested in artists who might perform on the show,” says a source. “If they pull out, the show comes apart.”

The writers also have an interest in Bruce Springsteen. Even though he doesn’t act, the Boss is seen as a friend of labor, especially after performing all those Woody Guthrie songs.

Despite Springsteen’s three nominations, a friend tells us, “I don’t think he’s coming to the Grammys — not because of a strike, just because he doesn’t always attend the Grammys.”

It’s possible that the Writers Guild could give a pass to Grammy-givers at the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. Aside from some lame jokes for presenters, the show doesn’t involve a whole lot of writing. Still, it is writing for broadcast — which comes under the purview of the Guild.

“As of now, the Guild has not taken a position on the Grammys,” a WGA spokeswoman told us at press time.

Meanwhile, one star-handler says, “We’re all being vigilant. We’re waiting and hoping the producers and writers work out their differences.”


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