State OKs long teachers union strike

The State of Pennsylvania has notified the Downingtown school district that the current teacher strike can go on until Feb 13. That makes tomorrow night's bargaining session, scheduled for 7:30 at the Chester County Intermediate Unit, a critical one.

"We didn't want to strike in the first place, and we don't want to strike until Feb. 13," said Paul Gottlieb, spokesperson for the DAEA. "But we had no other option to let the board know how unhappy Downingtown teachers are about being offered wages substantially below surrounding districts."

Gottlieb said the teachers hope the board comes ready to negotiate seriously. "Teachers will be ready to negotiate, as the community has a right to expect. We hope the board feels the same way. Reasonable people can settle this dispute in a reasonable way in a short time. We're ready to do just that."


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