Discouraging non-union labor in Connecticut

The informational picketing of Turner Construction Co. by members of the Connecticut Laborers' District Council on Wednesday and Thursday will continue on the company's job sites next week. The council represents seven construction locals for a total of about 7,000 members in Connecticut. Some of those members were in Milford this week, protesting Turner's use of non-union contractors.

Turner uses union contractors in other states, including New York and Massachusetts, said Charles LeConche, the council's business manager. But in Connecticut, he said, it does not unless a project labor agreement so specifies. And at least 20 Turner projects are not under agreements that specify union labor, LeConche said.

The non-union contractors Turner uses generally don't provide benefits, said LeConche, who also alleged these contractors are using illegal workers. "We can't compete against contractors who cheat," he said. In a statement, Turner said it verifies the authorization of its employees.

"Turner is committed to utilizing quality subcontractors. We select subcontractors who share our dedication to quality, safety, achievement of high ethical standards and compliance with all applicable labor laws, including immigration laws. "Turner does not and will not utilize subcontractors who knowingly employ unauthorized workers. Unauthorized workers are prohibited from working on all Turner jobs."

Today, LeConche said, "We're going to randomly select the sites were going to be demonstrating at." Those demonstrations will only be at Turner-managed jobs and will begin Tuesday.


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