Collectivist political agenda a threat

The last generation (mine) to have any significant recollection of the Great Depression, which spanned the years 1930 to 1941, will shortly pass on. Unfortunately, there is every probability that the "now" generation is going to have this horrific, unforgettable experience.

This, surely, if any of the Democratic candidates and, likely, if Huckabee is elected president together with a Democratic Congress. None of the current candidates, not even McCain, have any recollection of the hobo camps, soup kitchen lines or begging on the streets of a then more agrarian, self-reliant and less populous society.

Virtually every policy proposal made or intimated by liberal candidates is in the direction of a collectivist, as opposed to the individualist, entrepreneurial society that our founders gave us: Tax the already overtaxed rich; appropriate the profits of the oil companies; turn food into ethanol rather than drill on public lands; and spend billions in a futile attempt to change earth's climate.

If these propositions were to become law, it would not require another attack by Muslim jihadists to subside into a Third World country and experience freedom-sapping economic depression, and there will no longer be any jobs Americans won't do.

- Jerome "Jack" LorenzMills River


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