AFSCME momentum sweeps across country

Fresh off its stunning come from behind victory in New Hampshire, the Hillary Clinton for President campaign today kicked-off its post-New Hampshire efforts with a series of events across the country.

"Momentum is clearly in our side," said Clinton National Campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe. "Voters across the country are going to see what New Hampshire voters saw. Hillary Clinton doesn't just talk about change - she will be a President who actually brings change."

"We're going to build on this momentum in Nevada, South Carolina, and the February 5 states - all the way to the nomination and the White House," McAuliffe continued.

The campaign planned activities in fourteen states on Tuesday, including major endorsements in Nevada and Delaware, phone banking in South Carolina and Missouri, a rally in Arkansas, and "Honk and Hollers" in California.

NEVADA (25 delegates, January 19) - MAJOR ENDORSEMENT ALERT: After announcing today the addition of Joe Biden's former state director to the Clinton Nevada team, the campaign will announce a major Nevada endorsement today. Stay tuned!

SOUTH CAROLINA (45 delegates, January 26) - BURNING UP THE PHONE LINES: State leaders, Hillary supporters and volunteers will kick off the South Carolina campaign's final push when they gather to phone bank at seven campaign offices around the Palmetto State today. They'll be calling fellow South Carolinians to talk about Senator Clinton's ability to lead America on day one in the White House and create change for a brighter future. Phone banks will be held in Columbia, Spartanburg, Orangeburg, Charleston, Florence, Rock Hill and Greenville.

ARKANSAS (35 delegates, February 5) -- RALLYING IN LITTLE ROCK: Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, Congressman Marion Berry and former Treasurer Jimmie Lou Fisher will headline a rally with Hillary Clinton supporters at the Arkansas campaign headquarters in Little Rock.

CALIFORNIA (370 delegates, February 5) - HONK, HOLLER AND BYOP: Building on the momentum in the Golden State, California will be the site of several events for Senator Clinton today, including a "Bring Your Own Phone" party in Los Angeles with LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and street campaigning in San Francisco's Mission District featuring San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, SF Assesor Phil Ting and SF Treasurer Jose Cisneros. The Mission district, is the historic heart of the city's Latino community. In addition, the campaign is hosting lunchtime rallies with local elected officials and Clinton supporters in Los Angeles, Fresno and San Francisco. The campaign is also organizing "Honk and Holler for Hillary" visibility rallies in San Francisco and Los Angeles during afternoon drivetime.

ALABAMA (52 delegates, February 5) - KICKING OFF THE CAMPAIGN: State Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks will hold a conference call to kick-off Hillary's campaign in Alabama, and discuss the grassroots momentum she has throughout the state.

COLORADO (55 delegates, February 5) - ROCKY MOUNTAIN SUPPORT: Former Mayor of Denver Wellington Webb will join Hillary Clinton campaign volunteers and supporters to discuss Hillary's momentum and strong grassroots organization at the Colorado for Hillary Headquarters in Denver. Webb and supporters will also discuss Hillary Clinton's record of change for Colorado families, and why her lifetime record of making change happen in the lives of real Americans serves as a sharp contrast to her opponents.

DELAWARE (15 delegates) - MAJOR ENDORSEMENT WATCH!! The Clinton campaign will announce a major endorsement in The First State.

KANSAS - (32 delegates) - STEERING COMMITTEE KICK-OFF: The Clinton campaign will release its Kansas Steering Committee today, which is broad and diverse and demonstrates united support for Hillary across the state.

MINNESOTA (72 delegates) - WHO'S WHO OF DEMOCRATS: Former Vice President Walter Mondale, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, Speaker of the House Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Assistant Majority Leader Tarryl Clark former Senator Mark Dayton, and Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner will hold a press conference at the Minneapolis Clinton Campaign Headquarters to discuss Hillary Clinton's real record of making change and getting results for Minnesota families. The group will also discuss details surrounding Hillary Clinton's campaign and efforts in Minnesota.

GEORGIA (87 delegates) - REACHING OUT TO WOMEN: Campaign National Co-Chair Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones will join Vivian Bishop (President of the Congressional Black Caucus Spouses) in discussing with reporters the campaign's outreach to women across Georgia.

MISSOURI (72 delegates) - SHOW ME THE SUPPORT: Hillary supporters and volunteers will roll up their sleeves and get to work, making phone calls and conducting other get-out-the-vote efforts at the Clinton Campaign State Headquarters in St. Louis. During this time, Clinton Missouri Campaign Director State Rep. Rachel Storch will discuss Hillary Clinton's experience making change and getting real results for Missouri families. The group will also discuss details surrounding Hillary Clinton's campaign and efforts in Missouri.

OKLAHOMA (38 delegates) - TOP DEMS SPEAK OUT FOR HILLARY: Secretary of State Susan Savage, along with former Attorney General Mike Turpen and former House Speaker Steve Lewis, will hold a conference call with Oklahoma media to discuss Hillary Clinton's real record of making change and getting results for Oklahoma families. During the call, Savage, Turpen and Lewis will contrast Clinton's action and results verses her opponents' rhetoric and talk.

UTAH (23 delegates) - The Hillary Clinton Campaign in Utah will hold a phone bank and conduct other Get Out the Vote efforts at the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Salt Lake City office. During this time, Clinton Campaign Representative Donald Dunn will join volunteers to discuss Hillary Clinton's record of experience making change, and getting results for Utah families. Dunn and campaign supporters will also discuss details surrounding Hillary Clinton's momentum and grassroots campaign in Utah.

TEXAS (193 delegates, March 4) -- National Co-Chair Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and Former Land Commissioner Gary Mauro will hold a press conference call to discuss Hillary Clinton's real record of making change and getting results for Texas families. During the call, Jackson Lee and Mauro will discuss Hillary's grassroots momentum and broad support throughout Texas.


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