AFSCME in NH: Simply Reprehensible

In a campaign that has become closer as people in Iowa and New Hampshire have been able to listen with care to the positions of the candidates, it is sad that so-called independent groups have felt it is time to demean that process with attacks, distortions and misleading ads.

The most recent and reprehensible example is the AFSCME PEOPLE flyer sent out on behalf of its candidate, Hillary Clinton, which takes distortion to a new level. First, it implies that Barack Obama wants to leave 15 million Americans without health insurance when any fair reading of Obama's plan shows it is focused on affordability and accessibility for every American citizen. And then, in perhaps the most disingenuously clever distortion of the campaign, the flyer uses a quote from a different candidate to spare Sen. Clinton any negative association with the attack being made on her behalf.

A critical election is about to take place. It is close because the people are listening and responding to the candidates, who are presenting real plans and their hopes and vision for what America can and should be. It is my hope that, as we turn the page to that new day, we can leave behind the kind of misleading and tawdry politics that AFSCME has dredged up and thrown through our mail slots.

I look forward to a new politics and a new direction in this country with Barack Obama as our president.

- Ned Helms, Concord


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