Union thug defends union-only agreements

As a resident of Broome County (NY) and a taxpayer, I ask myself, will a PLA (project labor agreement) save me tax dollars? Will it put local labor to work? Will it keep money in the county? I believe the answers are yes.

The Press & Sun-Bulletin has for the last month been covering the Harvey Justice Building PLA. Many articles have been written; most, if not all, have told only one side of the story. Why haven't the Binghamton-Oneonta Building Trades been given an opportunity to express their concerns? I know Guest Viewpoints and letters to the editor have been written, but nothing was printed.

PLAs are designed for specific projects to give owners a unique opportunity to anticipate and avoid potential problems that add to the cost of projects. In 1997, then-Gov. George Pataki issued an executive order reaffirming the utility of PLAs and encouraging their use in New York state. Was he wrong?

The PLA on the Harvey Justice Building will provide work to the local labor force and ensure an on-time and within-budget project.

- James Collins, Business Manager, IBEW Local 325, Binghamton


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