Union operatives push Edwards ahead in Iowa

Today, the John Edwards for President Campaign unveiled a 121-member strong Iowa Labor Coalition for Edwards. The list includes the personal endorsements from three current presidents of United Auto Workers locals in Iowa, four past presidents of UAW Local 997 in Newton, and nine other prominent UAW leaders in Iowa.

The Iowa Labor Coalition for Edwards consists of a wide-ranging group of Iowa labor leaders who understand the needs of working Americans and are dedicated to ensuring fair labor practices, protecting workers’ rights and strengthening organized labor. The coalition will advise Edwards and his campaign on labor issues facing Iowa families and work with the Edwards campaign staff in their area to spread the word about Edwards' plans to stand up for America’s workers and restore America’s support of organized labor.

"John Edwards comes from a rural, blue collar background. He knows the value of hard work and has a long, clear record of standing up for working men and women," said Mike Mathis, President of United Steelworkers Local 164. "Unlike the other candidates, he not only opposed NAFTA from the beginning, but he also opposes George Bush's proposal to expand the NAFTA model to Peru. He's exactly the president we need to stand up and fight for regular, hard-working Americans and not the powerful special interests."

Their endorsements reflect their personal decisions and do not always reflect the decision made by their union.

Edwards enjoys strong support from organized labor and the Iowa Labor Coalition for Edwards builds on his growing momentum in Iowa over the past few weeks. Edwards has been endorsed by 11 other
SEIU state councils representing more than a million SEIU members. Additionally, he has been endorsed by the Iowa Postal Workers Union, the United Steelworkers, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, the Transport Workers Union of America, the United Mine Workers of America and the UNITE HERE Chicago and Midwest Regional Joint Board.

Edwards believes that to strengthen the middle class and build One America, we need to strengthen the union movement in our country. He has traveled across the country to walk picket lines and has helped organize thousands of workers into unions. Edwards is a strong supporter of workers' rights and has laid out a comprehensive agenda to help working families, which includes raising the minimum wage, guaranteeing universal health care, enacting smart and safe trade policies and protecting a worker's right to organize.

Iowa Labor Coalition for Edwards

Chuck Gifford, Former Iowa UAW CAP Chair, Polk County
Mark Rocha, CWA Local 7102 President, Polk County
Robert Harris, USW Local 827 President, Black Hawk County
Bill Polson, Carpenters Local 106 President, Polk County
Scott Puteney, USW Local 3141 President, Pottawattamie County
Walt Knapper, SEIU Local 199 Executive Board Member, Clinton County
Al Skinner, USW Local 310 President, Polk County
Warren Yaple, TWU member, Pottawattamie County
Anne Fessler, SEIU Local 199 Executive Board Member, Dubuque County
Lenny Leo, Laborers Local 177 Business Manager, Polk County
Tony Good, UAW Local 1237 Member and Southeast Iowa Member-At-Large for Iowa State CAP Executive Board, Des Moines County
Shane Merrick, Carpenters Local 1260
Business Representative, Johnson County
Anne Byrne, SEIU Local 199 Executive Board Member, Story County
Curt Arey, Carpenters Local 106 Business Agent, Warren County
Max Tipton, Former UAW Local 997 President and Retired International UAW Representative, Jasper County
Becky Pottorff-Leaven, SEIU Local 199 Executive Board Member, Johnson County
Matt Lamkins, USW Local 795 President, Pottawattamie County
Bob Frascht, National Rural Letter Carriers Association Member, Floyd County
Gary Johnson, USW Local 604 President, Cerro Gordo County
Ted Johnson, UAW Local 997 Immediate Past President, Polk County
Jerry Kearns, USW Local 3311 Staff Representative, Lee County
Royce Peterson, Carpenters Local 1260 President, Johnson County
Deb Stehr, AFSCME Member, Sac County
Doug Bramow, Carpenters Local 308 Conductor, Linn County
Bill Laucamp, IBEW Local 55.1 Member, Muscatine County
Anthony Homis, USW Local 1861 Member, Jackson County
Kevin Johnson, UAW Local 807 President, Des Moines County
Tracy Hatfield, IBEW Local 55.1 Member, Muscatine County
Brian Ulin, UFCW Local 230 Business Manager, Wapello County
Michael Miller, Member, IBEW Local 288, Black Hawk County
Dick Fallow, Quad City Federation of Labor Delegate, Scott County
Steve Banys, Carpenters Local 948 Business Agent, Woodbury County
Connie Smith, CWA Local 7172 Officer, Tama County
Michael Kruse, UFSW Local 617 President, Lee County
Marty Hudrlik, AFSCME Member, Jackson County
Danice Keller, USW Sub District 11 Staff Representative, Polk County
Bruce Clark, American Postal Workers Union Statewide President, Dubuque County
Dan Boeding, USW Local 436 President, Linn County
Jerry Moore, CWA Local 7103 Secretary-Treasurer, Woodbury County
Marshall Clemons, SEIU Local 199 Executive Board Member, Linn County
Terry Davenport, Former State Editor, Iowa Postal Workers, Wayne County
Randy Boulton, USW Sub District 11 Director, Polk County
Dave Keefer, Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 25 Member, Clinton County
Garth Bowen, USW Sub District 11 Staff Representative, Linn County
Mike Pack, Laborers Local 353 Organizer, Polk County
Wayne Strohmeyer, Teamsters Local 421, Shop Steward and Negotiator, Dubuque County
David Morris, SEIU Local 199 Executive Board Member, Dubuque County
Lyle Taylor, UNITE-HERE Local 146 Business Agent, Black Hawk County
Majorie Caruth, SEIU Local 199 Executive Board Member, Johnson County
Steve Comer, UAW Local 74 Shop Chairman, Wapello County
Robert Veal, Carpenters Local 106 Vice President, Polk County
Alan Anderson, USW Local 9310 Member, Cerro Gordo County
Don Eland, IBEW Local 204 Member, Des Moines County
Steve Schneider, USW Local 444 President, Lee County
Dave Hogan, Carpenters Local 308 President, Linn County
Peggy Gaul, National Rural Letter Carriers Association Member, Pottawattamie County
Don Paulson, UFCW
Local 431Member, Muscatine County
Gene Dudley, UAW Local 838 Union Steward, Buchanan County
Doug Brehm, Shop Steward, Teamsters Local 421, Dubuque County
Doug Duinink, Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 33 Member, Jasper County
Mike Edwards, UAW Local 807 Member, Des Moines County
Jim Spina, American Postal Workers Union Local 44
President, Polk County
Al Whitmore, AFSCME Local 3000 Member, Harrison County
Mike Wilcher, Ironworkers Local 111 Business Manager, Scott County
Sherrill Fitzpatrick, County Home Health Care Aide and Labor Activist, Black Hawk County
Linda Krogman, Carpenters Local 2704 President, Dubuque County
Tom Thoma, UFCW Local 179 Political Representative, Cherokee County
Skip McGill, USW Local 105 President, Scott County
Lynne Pothast, Local Union President , Tama County
Craig Bartmess, Carpenters Local 308 Treasurer, Linn County
Michael Mathias, USW Local 164 President, Polk County
Denny Dunbar, Retired CWA Local 7171 President, Webster County
Richard Avery, Former UAW Local 997 President , Jasper County
Rachel Barrow, SEIU Local 199 Executive Board Member, Linn County
Scott Punteney, USW Local 3121 President, Pottawattamie County
Norm Riester, Carpenters Local 308 Financial Secretary, Linn County
Sarah Swisher, SEIU Local 199 Political Director, Johnson County
John Campbell, USW Iowa Political Director, Polk County
Jeff Kurtz, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Member, Lee County
Linda Ludovissy, USW Local 1960 Member, Clayton County
Gayle Tellin, CWA Local 7109 President, Fayette County
Tom Dvorak, IBEW Local 288 Member, Tama County
Roy Farnum, UAW Local 1896 Vice President, Scott County
Bill Clevenger, USW Local 8581 President, Muscatine County
Jerry Kelley, Former UAW Local 893 Unit 1 Chairmen, Jasper County
John Bond, USW Local 1774 President, Marshall County
Cathy Glasson, SEIU Local 199 President, Johnson County
Steve Fischer, TWU Local 367 Member, Pottawattamie County
Nancy Moser, CWA Local 7181 President, Burlington County
Michelle Ficken, Registered Nurse and Labor Activist, Buchanan County
Gene Gaul, National Rural Letter Carriers Association Member, Pottawattamie County
Daryl Lewis, SEIU Local 199 Executive Board Member, Johnson County
George Long, Laborers Local 309 Member, Clinton County
Dave TanCreti, Former Executive Board Member AFSCME Local 1868, Polk County
Patricia & Pete Edwards, UAW Local 893 Retirees and Former Iowa UAW CAP Committee Members, Tama County
Ray Murray, Carpenters Local 106 Retired Vice President and Trustee, Polk County
Gil Nelson, Machinists Local 1426 Member, Woodbury County
Greg Valentine, Teamsters Local 421 Secretary-Treasurer, Dubuque County
Pat Teed, Former UAW Local 997 President and AFSCME Member, Jasper County
Denny Lally, UFCW Local 440 President, Crawford County
Angela Trenkamp, SEIU Local 199 Executive Board Member, Johnson County
Jerry Messer, Quad City Federation of Labor, President, Scott County
Jim Scott, National Association of Letter Carriers Local 373 Member, Linn County
Cynthia Houlson, AFSCME Local 35 Member, Polk County
Rick Callen, UAW Local 74 President, Wapello County
Bill Mundt, Retired IBEW International Representative, Scott County
Corey Council, SEIU Local 199 Executive Board Member, Clinton County
Lee Gray, American Postal Workers Union Local 44 Craft Director, Madison County
Renee Pape, AFSCME Member, Jackson County
Alan Graves, USW Local 503 President, Webster County
Wayne Gross, UAW Local 838 Retiree Chairman, Black Hawk County
Steve Nienhaus, Carpenters Local 4 Organizer, Muscatine County
Chester Jones, USW Local 3311 President, Lee County
Mike Mathis, President, USW Local 164, Polk County
Bill Hanes, IBEW Local 405 Business Agent, Linn County
Merle Duehr, USW Local 1861 Business Representative, Dubuque County
Rod Perdue, SEIU Local 199 Executive Board Member, Muscatine County
Richard Gilbreaith, UAW Local 1201 President, Jasper County
Marcia Beck, SEIU Local 199 Executive Board Member, Polk County
David Baker, Teamsters Local 421 President, Dubuque County
James Lord, USW Local 1651 President, Clinton County


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