Labor cred questioned over Right To Work

As former North Carolina Senator John Edwards' stock in the Democratic primary continues to languish in third place in Iowa, most would think the leading candidates would be better served by touting their own credentials instead of questioning his. Barack Obama, Illinois senator and slowly gaining ground on Hillary Clinton however, chose to question the legitimacy of labor union endorsements of Edwards.

If bad weather in Iowa forcing the cancellation of three primary events wasn't enough for the Edwards' campaign, Obama pulled out some of Edwards' votes during his short tenure as a Senator and noted that his aggressive campaigning for labor endorsements may be questionable, considering those votes. The mailer that went out to Iowans, showed how Edwards voted on issues such as a federal right to work law, while claiming to be a strong supporter of labor unions.

Obama's mailer also points out how Edwards voted to allow China into the World trade Organization, a move that goes against union wishes. Yet, according to Obama's mail piece, Edwards went after the unions seeking, and receiving many of their endorsements. The mailer is just another attack Edwards has had to face as many other candidates have made light of his personal financial status as well as the amount of money he spends on personal care.

According to polls at usaelectionpolls.com, Edwards has the backing of 14 percent of probable voters while Clinton and Obama have a total of 70 percent on the national level. In Iowa, he the gap is slightly less with Edwards at 18 percent and the top two candidates with a combined 64 percent.

For the month of December, John Edwards is at 26% in North Carolina, 22% in Iowa, 16% in California, and 15.6% in New Hampshire.


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