AFSCME's negative politics a turn-off in NH

In my current stack of mail there's a large, doubled-sided, four-color mailer with photographs of people in medical settings and text that mentions Barack Obama's name eight times in a negative light.

The piece appears to have no purpose other than to discourage voters from voting for Mr. Obama. The piece doesn't tell us who we should vote for, which struck me as so odd, I had to find out who sent it.

The group behind the mailer is the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees, which endorsed Hillary Clinton in late October.

This promotional piece serves to underscore the reason Hillary lost my interest and my vote. She may not have control over the groups that support her, but she sets a tone that allows a dirty campaign. If she's so good, why does she stoop so low?

- Robin Stamm, Epsom, NH


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