UAW quits Kohler strike after 11 months

A National Labor Relations Board official says a strike at the Kohler sink plant in Searcy has been called off by the union.

The strike began Dec. 9, 2006. A meeting was held at the union hall on Sunday, then picketers were not at the plant Monday and Tuesday. The union had maintained pickets since stopping work in December.

But the plant says the work stoppage remains unchanged. The company wouldn't go into details, and the union also wouldn't discuss the matter.

Memphis, Tenn.-based NLRB regional director Ronald K. Hooks says the union made an unconditional offer to return to work. If that is indeed the case, Hooks says the company would have to put union workers in any unfilled positions at the plant. Hooks says the sides could settle or go to the NLRB with complaints.


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