UAW members decertify, vote goes to NLRB

The fate of a 19-month strike remains up in the air. Members of United Auto Workers Local 364, who have been on strike at Conn-Selmer's Vincent Bach plant in Elkhart (IN) since April 1, 2006, voted Wednesday on whether to decertify the union. Replacement workers inside the plant also voted on the measure at a separate polling location.

The cumulative results show that 63 people voted in favor of retaining the union and 105 people voted for decertification.

But 144 ballots, which could be either yes or no votes, were challenged in the election. Both Conn-Selmer officials and the UAW have the right to challenge ballots. Four of the challenges came from the union and the rest were the company's, union treasurer Connie Sanders said.

The disputed ballots were sealed up and will be sent to the National Labor Relations Board office in Indianapolis, where a hearing will be held in the next six to 10 weeks.


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