Striking football coach relieved from duty

Some things I just don't seem to understand. Better make that a lot of things. Maybe I'm not supposed to but when things seem to be more than a little out of line, it tends to rub the wrong way. And what happened to Reynolds (PA) High football coach Tim Scarvel just wasn't right in my books or in my way of thinking.

Scarvel, along with other members of his coaching staff, was relieved from his coaching position because he refused to coach during the Reynolds teachers strike. The teachers hit the picket line on Oct. 9 but since have returned to work without a contract.

I have always been under the assumption that belonging to a union somehow protected the rights of its members. Was anything done to protect Scarvel's rights? If the football coach and his staff were ousted, why weren't the striking teachers relieved of their positions?

I'm not a lawyer, but what happened to Scarvel just doesn't seem to be the right thing to have been done at Reynolds. Some rules were meant to be broken or downright discarded by the type of situation that applies. Scarvel, in my opinion, should certainly not have lost his job.

Scarvel, along with his father, Don, and brother Frank, (assistant coaches) were informed that should a strike take place (which it did) the coaches would be out of a job if they didn't cross the picket line. They didn't. The head coach remains a guidance teacher at the school.

The Scarvels are a football family. Tim was a former Farrell High standout while his father, Don, served for many years on the staff of the Farrell program.

At age 34, Scarvel will probably be looking for a coaching position at another school. He was in his fourth year at Reynolds and formerly served as an assistant coach with the program. Less than two years ago, Scarvel led the Raiders to one of the best seasons in the program's 45-year history. Now he's looking for a job. We feel certain he'll find a new position soon. He's young, experienced and certainly knows football.


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