SEIU wants veto over Seattle mental heath providers

The King County (WA) Council is considering an ordinance to add yet another $0.01 per $10 to the sales tax "for the delivery of mental health and chemical dependency services, and therapeutic courts".

Councilmembers (including some fiscally conservative Republicans) argue that this program will be more cost-effective than keeping drug users and mentally ill people in the county jail [But if it saves money, why raise the sales tax?]

The scandal here is that under the ordinance the mental health services could only be provided through private employers that are pre-approved by a labor union. Thus granting to the SEIU a veto over the provision of pubic services and enormous license to extort concessions from service providers. This is unprecedented and astonishingly corrupt. But Ron Sims and the Council Democrats all approve.

Republicans who otherwise support the ordinance are disgusted by the proposed union veto, as is even the P-I.


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