Kosher processor describes UFCW racketeering

I am writing to the Customers of Agriprocessors, Inc. to dispel certain misconceptions that may have arisen as a result of inaccurate information of which you may have become aware concerning Agriprocessors, Inc.

Agriprocessors, Inc. is a viable company that is committed to maintaining the quality of its product both in full compliance with existing rules and regulations of the USDA and in full compliance with the rules of kashruth.

Over the past couple of years the employees of Agriprocessors, Inc. in Iowa have resisted attempts by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) to become their collective bargaining agent. Agriprocessors, Inc. in the past has and will continue in the future to maintain a commitment to its employees to create a safe, enjoyable and mutually beneficial atmosphere in the workplace.

The UFCW, as it has in the past, we believe, is engaging in a course of conduct which has been referred to as "waging economic war on an unorganized company", the present target of which is Agriprocessors, Inc. As part and parcel of this campaign the UFCW has disseminated inaccurate and false information which is designed to destroy Agriprocessors, Inc.'s image and inflict economic damage.

The UFCW has also inappropriately attempted to contact existing business relationships in order to interfere with the lawful business of Agriprocessors, Inc. Moreover, we believe that the Union has been instrumental in orchestrating frivolous investigations of our company, by governmental authorities.

To date, all such efforts have been to no avail and the purpose of this letter is to assure our customers of Agriprocessors, Inc.'s commitment to produce quality products at fair prices while maintaining the integrity of its workplace.

As an illustration of the UFCW's prior activities against other companies I am enclosing a copy of a 94-page complaint filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division, entitled "Smithfield Foods, Inc., et ano. v. United Foods and Commercial Workers International Union, et al."

Smithfield Foods is one of the largest American producers of pork products and has withstood a similar campaign lodged against it by the UFCW. The complaint sets forth at length the allegations against the Union having unsuccessfully attempted to organize Smithfield's workers, the Union engaged in a course of conduct which was intended to impose economic harm against the company.

The motivation, of course, was to bolster the Union's membership. Additionally, I am enclosing for your review an article entitled, "Predatory Unionism" authored by Thomas J. DiLorenzo, a Professor of Economics at Loyola College in Maryland. This article is very informative and quotes Joe Crump, a former official of the UFCW in which he sets forth the nefarious programs employed by the Union to exert undue pressure on an unorganized company to bring them to their financial knees, not necessarily for the benefit of the Union members but for the monetary gain of the Union itself.

Agriprocessors, Inc. wishes to further assure its customers that it will continue to adhere to its unwaivering commitment to you as one of its valued customers, the public at large, who enjoy the products manufactured by the company and to those employees who are integral to the past and continued success of the company.

Should you have any questions concerning anything contained in this letter or wish to discuss this matter with me in detail, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Very truly yours,
Sholom Rubashkin, Vice President, Nov. 14, 2007


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