Judge Bogas rules, strikers declare victory

Declaring victory in a 3-year labor dispute with Massey Energy, members of the United Mine Workers of America say they expect to return to their jobs soon.

Today the miners tore down a picket shack across from the Mammoth coal mine near Smithers, West Virginia, where they had been protesting Massey's refusal to hire them after it bought the mine from Horizon Natural Resources.

The miners said they were being discriminated against for their union membership, and earlier this week an administrative law judge with the National Labor Relations Board agreed.

Judge Paul Bogas said Richmond-based Massey should let the 85 miners have their jobs back and begin collective bargaining with the union. Massey plans to appeal the ruling. William "Bolts" Willis, head of UMWA Local 88-43, which represents the miners, said the union is confident it will win any appeal of the ruling.


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