Ex-cop guilty of embezzlement

Former Salinas (CA) police officer Gilbert Bacis plead guilty to embezzling over $53,000 from a police organization that provides activities for young people, District Attorney Dean Flippo announced today. Officers are represented by the Salinas Police Officers Assocation.

Bacis admitted to taking the money from the Salinas Police Activities League, which is a nonprofit organization that supplies sports, social, recreational and educational activities for kids between ages 5 and 18.

Bacis was an officer in Salinas for almost 20 years and was the treasurer for PAL during the time he was stealing money. The embezzlement took place over 10 months beginning in September 2006. He resigned from the police department last month.

Bacis reportedly misused a PAL credit card, misappropriated cash and fraudulently withdrew cashier's checks from a PAL credit union account.

According to Bacis, he embezzled the money for medical bills, rent and car payments, to pay off a new boat purchased in 2004 and other financial complications.

He agreed to make full restitution to PAL within two weeks. Judge Timothy Roberts indicated he would place Bacis on formal felony probation with the possibility of one year in county jail.


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