Bakers union members go out on strike

Employees at Redco in Little Falls, NY were walking the picket lines today, hoping to reach an agreement with their employer. The workers' contract ran out on July 1, and according to union reps, they've been in negotiation with the company since then.

The strike is in regards to medical coverage ... and that some employees can't afford a 401 K. Now - they are asking for some sort of pension plan.

"These people come in to the lower paying jobs ... we're paying 25% medical ... can't afford the 401Ks, so they'll have no pension at all," said Joe Svingala, vice-president of Local 50 BCTGM Union. "They're taking vacation away from them. We have offered a lot of stuff to the company in all of those areas and they reufse to negotiate at all."

In the past, the union has always come to an agreement with the company, union reps said. But in this case, the company will not budge.


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