AFL-CIO: Striking nurses must protest, not negotiate

Striking registered nurses and their supporters rallied outside of Appalachian Regional Healthcare headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky this afternoon.

Members of the registered nurses union hit the picket line two months ago after their contract with ARH expired. A bus of about 50 union members from Beckley headed to Lexington this morning. A few nurses remained on the picket line at Beckley ARH. They believe the rally in Lexington is necessary.

Jennifer Cantley a member of Union Local 201, says, "We're just trying to get out there and show our support for the union and let the public and everyone know what this strike is about. Patient safety, mandatory overtime, that's what it's all about."

NBC Six asked Rocco Massey, CEO of Beckley ARH his thoughts on the Rally in Lexington. Massey says, he believes the negotiations should be more important than a rally. Continued negotiations have been scheduled for 9 AM Friday.


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