UAW could stage short strike at Chrysler's convenience

The United Auto Workers have set a strike deadline against Chrysler. The UAW said contract talks with the automaker continue, but if no agreement is reached by 11 a.m. Wednesday, union members could walk off the job.

"I've been on edge six months," said Chrysler worker Andre Pickett. "It's not a good feeling." "I've been on strike before," said another Chrysler worker. "It's no big deal." Several UAW members said they have already started making picket signs at the union halls and would not be surprised if there is a strike.

Some industry experts agree and said Chrysler may allow a strike because the automaker has already temporarily shut down five assembly plants, including the Jefferson North Plant in Detroit, and a truck plant in Warren, Mich. Industry analyst also pointed out that the automaker already has a large inventory of vehicles and would not have to pay workers during a strike.

"I don't rule out" Chrysler allowing a strike, said AutoPacific analyst Jim Hall. He said a walk-out could motivate both sides but cautioned, "I like to think it would happen without a very long strike."

"I believe we may go out a couple of days, if anything, and be back on Monday," said Charlotte Brown, a worker at the Chrysler Stamping Plant. "I hope they get it together. I don't want to go on strike, but I don't want a pay cut, either."

The negotiations are taking place at Chrysler's headquarters in Auburn Hills. Chrysler has about 49,000 hourly workers.


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