Teachers strike leaders cool to secret ballot

Superintendent Jim Drexler, a member of the Harrison Hills Board of Education Negotiating Team, said today that he will ask the union negotiating team at the bargaining table to let union members vote by secret ballot on a board offer regardless of the outcome of today’s mediation session.

In an attempt to resolve the Harrison Hills Teachers Assn. strike, federal mediator Jack Yoedt has scheduled another negotiating session for today at 1 p.m. in the Harrison County Courthouse at Cadiz.

Drexler said if the two teams can reach a tentative agreement at the meeting, he hopes union leaders will take an immediate vote. If an agreement is not reached, he said, he “would strongly urge the union leadership to allow the members to see and vote on the board’s offer.” The HHTA, which represents about 140 teachers, began the strike Oct. 1.

“I urge the union leaders and negotiating team to join the board team in reaching a tentative agreement, if possible,” Drexler said. “But the membership should be allowed to see and vote by secret ballot on either a tentative agreement or the board’s offer.”


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