Teachers' strike 'consultant' shown to have faked injury

As a teachers' strike entered its fourth day, Harrison Hills officials released video of a pedestrian-van crash that happened on the picket line Tuesday. Superintendent Jim Drexler did not comment on the video itself, but said he wants the public to watch the video and come to their own conclusions.

John Avoris, the alleged victim on the picket line, said a Huffmaster Security van ran over his foot. Thursday, Avoris reiterated again that he was struck by the van that was hired by the school district to provide security during the strike. "I had to go to the hospital. I was transferred there. The van's tire ran over my foot," Avoris said. "I got the tire mark on my shoe."

John Tabacchi, Hopedale city solicitor, said no charges had been filed as of Thursday afternoon.

"After I get the report, I will review them, go over the witness statements and determine if there is sufficient evidence to file charges," Tabacchi said.

Tabacchi said he is awaiting police reports from a number of accidents reported on the picket lines.

Another person was rushed to the hospital earlier this week after she also claimed a van struck her on the picket line. No charges had been filed in that case either.


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