Striking teachers union rejects late-night offer

The Harrison Hills (OH) Teachers Assn. was negotiating with the Harrison Hills City Board of Education through federal mediator Jack Yoedp of Pittsburgh late Sunday in the Holiday Inn at Weirton.

HHTA spokeswoman Linda Rusen said the negotiations began at 3 with more than 50 teachers in attendance to show support. When the negotiations began, she said, the board submitted a proposal to HHTA. Although she said she did not know what was specifically included in the proposal, it wasn’t received well by members of the association.

“It’s not what we’re looking for,” she said. “They (board members) are saying they’ll give us a higher percentage (pay increase) but will take away insurance. That’s just my guess.” HHTA submitted another proposal that the board was discussing as of 10:20 p.m. Earlier, at about 9, Rusen said, “I’m hopeful considering they’ve been in there for six hours.”

She said the HHTA would remain on strike today if a tentative agreement is not reached. If no agreement is reached, today marks the eighth day the association, comprised of about 140 teachers and certified staff members, has been on strike.


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