Seneca Valley teachers strike, week 2

Monday marks week two for the teachers strike in the Seneca Valley (PA) School District. Both sides said progress has been made, but no agreement has been reached.

As the strike enters its second week, negotiators from both the union and the school board will head back to the bargaining table Monday night, hoping to reach a deal.
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"We're hoping the board comes to the table with some kind of change in position," said Butch Santicola of the teachers union. "And we'll keep a positive attitude going in."

The main sticking points continue to be salary. The board has offered 4 percent annual raises, but the teachers want 6 percent and benefits. The debate is over who will pay for what.

And while both sides said they're looking forward to Monday night's session, neither seems brimming with confidence.

We anticipate bringing ideas, thoughts and proposals to the table, the district's chief negotiator said.

Even if they don't settle tonight, the teachers can't walk the picket lines much longer. Even without a new deal, state law will force them back in the classroom on Nov. 16. That ensures the students get 180 of schooling by mid-June.


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