KY nurses crossing strikers' picket line

Union nurses on strike spent their sixth day on the picket line Saturday. While many nurses are protesting an unfair contract, others say it is fair, and are continuing to work despite harsh criticism. WYMT's Jeff Gould met up with two nurses who are speaking out after they say they were publicly humiliated.

The nurses WYMT spoke with Saturday say the reason they crossed the picket line was due to the very protest behind me. George Engle and his cousin Stacy are Nurses at ARH. They voted for the new contract and though Engle says he hadn't crossed the picket line, he was labeled "scab of the day" on this sign.

“But it comes down to what I am in this profession for, and it's to take care of the people here in Hazard, surrounding counties and do my job as a nurse,” George Engle said.

Today the Engles, along with more than 30 family members and supporters painted their cars with various messages of support, and drove by ARH, where the union nurses are protesting. George says, seeing his name on the sign is what convinced him to cross the picket line.

Other nurses on strike think otherwise.

Many of he nurses hope the negotiations that are scheduled in the near future will help them get back to normal.

ARH officials announced they have agreed to meet with a federal mediator in an attempt to end the ongoing strike.


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