Governator nixes anti-democratic, no-vote unionization law

The National Alliance for Worker and Employer Rights praises the good work of Governor Schwarzenegger who cast his of veto of SB. 180 on October 14. Governor Schwarzenegger showed great courage in standing up for Secret Ballot elections for farmers in the California workplace.

The Governor did not listen to the Labor lords who fought freedom through intimidation only to increase their membership by stripping secret ballot elections away. Rather, as Will Fine, executive director of the National Alliance for Worker and Employer Rights wrote in a letter to the Governor and other state legislators, that in this veto "you have heard the call of Californians affirming workers' rights will never be compromised to the labor mobs again."

The National Alliance for Worker and Employer Rights worked with the Governor and defenders of a free workplace to defeat SB.180 by reminding the politicians of farmers who work hard for their families, that their right to a secret ballot is always sacred whether they come to live or be born in this country. The Governor understood the needs of his people's freedoms stood above the "take away" politics of the unions was in the end his veto against card check.

By setting in place a "card-check" organizing process, SB 180 significantly changes the protections afforded to all of California's agricultural workers under the ALRA. This "card-check" process fundamentally alters an employee's right to a secret ballot election that currently affords them the opportunity to cast a ballot privately without fear of coercion or manipulation by any interested parties. This bill also limits the opportunity for employees to hear and consider other viewpoints on unionization.

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